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What is Tanga?


Tanga Harbour (2nd Largest in Tanzania)



Tanga is the third largest city after Dar es Salaam and Mwanza. The town was first ruled by Arabs, then came the Germans under Carl Peters who established the settlement in 1888. The Germans developed the town as entry port for the settlers.


Tanga is the second largest port in mainland Tanzania and plays an important role in the country's economy. Most of the goods produced in the Northern part of Tanzania; sisal, hemp fiber, coffee, tea, cotton, hides and skins are shipped here.


Town Tour: Visit among the old buildings, which were constructed at the period of German Rule: Clock Tower, Tanga Railway Station, Tanga Library, Court House, St. Anthony Cathedral (see pictures below) alternatively, visiting to the Swahili Quarters Mwakidira 


Clock Tower built in 1901 (Opposite Khanbhai pharmacy)


Tanga Library
Tanga Railway station


Usambara court house built more than 100 years ago by the Germans (recently reburbished to its original design by Urithi)


St. Anthony Cathedral (near Changa school)



It is possible to extend your tour by Visiting Pangani historical town and Peponi Beach, Amboni caves, Amani Nature Reserve in Usambara Mountain.

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